War is the Force That Gives Us Meaning: A Two Part Analysis of Personal and Inter​-​Personal Conflict.

by Cower

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released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cower
I can't go on living like this. My life, it only brings dead ends. Pull the fucking chord, let me suffocate, bury me deep. Free from an escape. I see no escape, raised to be a slave. Here I am buried ten feet under, wouldn't want to have it any other way.
Track Name: Clonorchis Sinensis
Something eating away at me. Rotting feeling grows stronger. Staring into my final days. Any reason to try for more. Drowning neck deep in shit.
Track Name: Cut Down
Cut Down. Silenced. The only thing sorrounding me, hatred. The only thing I'll ever be, hated. You can't silence me. Stood up off my fucking knees. I've cut myself free.
Track Name: Sixty Years
Sixty years working for a bastard, on your knees eating their shit, then you're left with nothing. If you survive these years of fucking toil, ten years to decay, then you turn to soil. I'd rather fucking die than go on without a fight. I'd rather fucking die than live under the butcher's knife.
Track Name: Torch
Fuck these restrictions only meant to keep us down. A hammer and some anger could turn our frowns around. Throw away your bibles; burn the churches to the ground. cut the head of every statue, and leave this town. we will leave this fucking town. Say your farewells. We're leaving this place. Erase every fucking face.
Track Name: Vise Grip
Find your fucking Vice, the one that gets you numb. pumped into your veins, dull and fucking dumb. Vise grip.
Track Name: Rainmaker
Some say the end is coming and we should probably head for the hills. Forget about the life you once had and all those cheap thrills. They boarded up the windows and disconnected the phones. Then off they went, into direction unknown. The druids call it being left in the dust, and all other signs of warning are being suppressed. So come my friends and let us share our last breath. Let me live under the sun and remember. It's only for fun. Just remember... The tides will go in. And the tides will go out, and the leaves will grow again. Every beginning has to end, and every ending brings new beginnings, don't forget to scream and shout. There is no end.